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Welcome to XMM Security Solutions  

XMM Executive Team  

Bheki Anthony Maseko: Chairman and CEO

Thulane S. Xaba: Operations ( Vaal )

Sabelo B. Mvelase: Legal Officer

Johannes Legodi: Financial Officer

Lindiwe Shabangu: Secretary  

Xmm security solutions was established by Mr Bheki Anthony Maseko. He is a specialist with a vast experience in commercial and residential security.He has been in the security industry for 13 years in operations and management with leading security companies. His personnel service in armed response affirms his expertise in providing security solutions to clients in both commercial and residential.  

He has served in leadership positions in various security companies and has successfully established various ways in an effort to combat crime.He also served in the Education sector as part of the Governance and helped in developing policies in schools. He served in different committees as School governing body member, Chairperson of Finance Committee, Panel Chairperson (Interview). He has been involved in interviewing post level one teachers, Head Of Deparments, Deputy Principals and Principals.  

TS Xaba: Xaba is a proven entrepreneur with a successful track reccord in the security industry.He creates an unparalleled experience in the creation of a unique XMM security Officers as Head of Operations and training. He held Senior positions in the industry since 2007.