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Xmm security solutions offers the following services as displaced in the above banner

    Commercial and Residential

    Road closure patrols




    bicycle patrols

    Emergency / temporary guards

    Dedicated area vehicle patrol


    Access control

    Armed Guards


At XMM Security, we are particularly aware that success of a service provider relies not only on attracting quality personnel, but also on selecting Staff best suited to each Client's individual needs. Only suitable candidates are employed and they must be registered with the Private Security Industry Regulations Authority. The recruiter in XMM Security must have a minimum grade C and is required to be able to converse in English and other official languages. The selection process includes an aptitude and literacy test, screening for criminal records, comprehensive reference checking and panel interview with representatives from different departments for senior positions

Armed Response  

These are two separate services, one proactive and the other reactive

Proactive, bicycle or foot-patrolling, decreases loitering and opportunists activities in our respective residence. XMM security provides a service that prevents crime from taking place while armed response reacts to the scene of crime that occurred already in most cases.  

Patrolling security Officers collect all necessary data to help curb crime and therefore worth paying twice for only one need. Very unfortunate in our country one cannot risk the price of loosing the loved ones and the property that you work so hard for, rather safe than sorry. We, at XMM concentrate in delivering physical guarding and engage other lnstutions in terms of Armed Response. We have a good business relationship with many companies and that gives us an advantage of engaging the most visible company in our sites for fast response should we need back-up. 


XMM  is currently working with other security companies' with-regards to monitoring of the alarms and backup assistance, under a sound Memorandum of Understanding. Our Security Officers on their respective sites are always in contact with their supervisors via two-way radios, panic buttons, and mobile phones or through the third party company monitoring that particular site.